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A lioresal intrathecal baclofen injection is a muscle relaxant and antispastic medication that is used for treatment of severe spasticity caused by injury to or certain conditions of the brain or spinal cord.

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Reservoir refilling must be performed by fully trained and qualified personnel following the directions provided by the pump manufacturerInadvertent injection into the subcutaneous tissue can occur if the reservoir refill septum is not properly accessedSubcutaneous injection may result in symptoms of a systemic overdose or early depletion of the reservoirRefill intervals should be carefully calculated to prevent depletion of the reservoiras this would result in the return of severe spasticity and possibly symptoms of withdrawal.

Baclofen given orally increased the incidence of fetal structural abnormalitiesomphalocelesin ratsReductions in food intake and body weight gain were observed in the damsFetal structural abnormalities were not observed in mice or rabbits.

It is mandatory that the patientall patient caregiversand the physicians responsible for the patient receive adequate information regarding the risks of this mode of treatmentAll medical personnel and caregivers should be instructed in 1the signs and symptoms of overdose2procedures to be followed in the event of overdose and 3proper home care of the pump contraceptove pill buy canada. and insertion site.

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the bones tend to be thin with an overalldecreased bone mass buy lioresal 25 mg amex, called osteoporosis, and a decreased bone mineral den-sity, described as osteomalacia.

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