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In case you didn t read part one, here are the drugs i am talking about sominex, nyquil, sleepinal, motrin, nytol, tylenol pm,unisom, benadryl, advil pm, and other store brand names.

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Information about Unisom.

AsthmaLower respiratory disordersGlaucomaHyperthyroidismHypertensionCardiovascular diseaseGI or urinary obstructionPregnancyNursing mothers.

Read this leaflet carefully before starting Unisom SleepGels and keep it with your medicineYou may need to read it again.

You should not take Unisom SleepTabs if you are taking the following drugsMonoamine oxidase inhibitorsMAOIslike Marplanisocarboxazidand NardilphenelzinePotassium supplements like KPhosPotassium phosphate and potassium acid phosphateKlor ConPotassium chlorideUrocit-KPotassium citrateCancer drugs like MatulaneprocarbazineParkinson’s disease drugs like AzilectrasagilineEldepryl or Zeleparselegelineand ParnatetranylcypromineOther antihistamines like Benadryldiphenhydramineor ClaritinloratadineMedications for sleep or anxiety like ValiumdiazepamXanaxKlonopinclonazepamor AmbienzolpidemMedications for mood disorders or depression like RisperdalriseperidoneOleptrotrazodoneTrileptaloxcarbazepineInvegapaliperidoneMuscle relaxants like Gablofen and Lioresalbaclofenor Somacarisoprodol)

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unisom was originally released back in 1978 as an anti-nausea anti-emetic vomiting drug, but it has since been remarketed as a sleep aid.

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