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Ask you doctphamacist about how tswitch om oth oms homonal bith contol (such as patch, oth bith contol pills) tthis poduct. I any inomation is uncla, consult th Patint Inomation Lalt you doctphamacist.

Th homons in Alss (thinyl stadiol and lvonogstl) can pass intbast milk and may ham a nusing baby. This mdication may alsslow bast milk poduction. Dnot Alss us i you a bast ding a baby.

Hat disas (coonay aty disas, uncontolld hat valv disod, histoy hat attack, stok, blood clot);

I you miss twmpills, you may not hav a piod duing th month. I you miss a piod twmonths in a ow, call you doctbcaus you might b pgnant.

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